CAROL HALLIDAY – Events Director

Carol has a diploma in events management, and small business management.  She has 17 years’ experience in the events industry, most of which has been with local and provincial government and parastatal entities.  Her experience in this industry, is her no 1 draw-card, with over 1500 events.

Key responsibilities:

Client liaison

  • Development of event projects from event proposal to event execution
  • Delivery of events within budget, & that meet (or exceed) the client expectations
  • Setting, committing and maintaining timelines and priorities on every event
  • Developing and maintaining client relations

Event liaison

  •  Overseeing the operational and administrative aspects of the event with the team
  • Provide and direct support staff
  • Conduct site inspections

Event budget

  • Responsible for event budgets and deliverables
  • Ensure excellent customer service
  • JOC specialist

Personal Skills and attributes:

  • High level of integrity
  • Diligent and conscientiousness
  • Reliable
  • Emotionally mature, with, a positive temperament, and is tolerant and understanding
  • High personal standards
  • A warm and compassionate listener and leader
  • Sound planning and organizational capabilities


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